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Photos that show some of my better work with the camera.

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Purely scenic shots

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Hut Trip 2012

Hut Trip 2012 this year was out to the Harry Gates hut. Great 6.6 mil ...

Updated: Dec 27, 2012 11:50pm PST


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I live in south-west Colorado Springs. I am a father to my wonderful son Nathan. I took up photography in an effort to capture more of my growing son's life. I decided to go a bit further by picking up a camera that I don't think I'll outgrow quickly. That camera is the Canon 60D. So far it has been quite rewarding. I acquired this SmugMug account to show off those family moments as well as showcase those pictures I find worthy of showing the community of photographers as my skills with the camera grow. I hope you all find something worth looking at here.

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